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10 European Countries, 59 days, 4 flights, 15 bus trips, 3 long distance train rides & 1 overnight ferry

Welcome to the final part of my four part series, looking back at my time with Busabout in 2013. It was one of the best things I have ever done! 

In my last post I left you in the amazing region of Cinque Terre in the Italian Riviera. I really wished I had stayed longer than my 4 days, but then I wouldn't of had the chance to visit the rest of the destinations on the loops!

Cinque Terre to Nice, France (1 nights)

I cut my time short in Nice so I could have longer in Cinque Terre, and I honestly don't regret it. Nice was beautiful, and we had arrived on the day of France's most amazing national holiday, Bastille Day! A celebration of the beginning of the French Revolution. We checked into our hostel, and went for a walk down to the Promenade des Anglais, where a massive parade was happening down the boardwalk! There were marching bands and people dressed up walking on stilts, a giant dragon float and many other crazy things! The Nice coast line (Baie des Anges) is just like you see it pictures! Azure blue waters as far as the eye can see! I kind of wish I had a little longer here, but hey, you can't do everything right?

It was a little overcast when we got to Nice

Nice to Barcelona, Spain (via Avignon) (3 nights)

Amazing offers at La Boqueria
Barcelona.. You were pretty cool! It was hot & balmy just like I thought it would be, it reminded me of being at home in the summer! I felt so comfortable! It was a short walk from our drop point to the hostel, once we got checked in, it was time for dinner! Luckily the European sun doesn't set until about 10pm in the summer (which is great whilst travelling!) We set of in search of a restaurant for some Paella & Sangria! Yum!
I love food!

Park Guell
After waking up, with a sore head from too much sangria the night before, I headed to somewhere I knew would make me feel instantly better. La Boqueria! Oh my.. I could and did spend so much time in there! I am the BIGGEST foodie and this was a bit highlight for me. Sure its touristy and the first rows of stalls are a bit expensive & really pretty looking, but if you go past the amazing fruit, vegetable & juice displays, you get to the heart of the market. The butchers, fish mongers, spice merchants, bakers, cheese & charcuterie delicatessens. Its just excites me so much and makes me wish I had any form of market nearby at home. I grabbed some fruit & a juice to soothe my sore head, and headed out for a day of exploring! Park Guell & Sagrada Familia were on the agenda for the day. Both amazing examples of Gaudi Architecture. I actually visited both of these place twice! Once by myself and once with a friend from home who happened to be in Barcelona at the same time! 

Sagrada Familia
I really enjoyed Barcelona, and didnt have a problem with pick-pockets or anything like that, however when we were getting back on to the bus to head to Madrid, we had a girl who was just starting her busabout trip from Barcelona, she had left her bag unattended for all of a minute whilst she registered with the busabout guide, and had her whole bag stolen (within that minute)and the accused ran off down the metro and was never seen again. So it is something to keep in mind when travelling. Always keep your belongings with you!

Gotta love a selfie! (excuse my crazy hair)

Barcelona to Madrid, Spain (via Valencia) (1 night)

I was originally suppose to stay in Madrid for 5 days and stay with a friend who lives there, however she decided to go home to Norway for the summer. So I made a last minute decision to just do one night and head up to San Sebastian for 4 nights.

So Madrid, when we arrived, there was protesting and mild rioting in the streets surrounding our hostel. A little scary, but once inside the hostel, you couldn't hear anything. The hostel & drop point for Madrid is really cool and modern, with cool little chill-out spots on each floor. We went downstairs to the bar and played drinking games (with cheap yucky bottled sangria) with other guest and staff of the hostel and then visited a local tapas bar, which had unlimited tapas for about 5 euro and 2 euro cocktails.. A lethal combination!! 

Madrid to San Sebastian, Spain (via Pamplona) (4 nights)

From the top of Urgull
Baised beef cheeks & a glass of Kalimotxo!

San Seb was the perfect place to finish of my Busabout experience! It was so laid back and just a great place to unwind after travelling non-stop for the last 2 months. The food was some of the best of the trip! The Pintxos (the basque regions' tapas) were amazing! My favourite was the braised beef cheeks in a tomato red wine reduction served with whipped potato, so simple but so so delicious! Another Basque Region specialty is a drink called Kalimotxo, its basically a half-half mixture of red wine & cola served with plenty of ice and sometimes a twist of lime or orange. It sounds so wrong, and I thought so to start with, but once you taste it.. Oh my.. It is so refreshing and tasty! 

I had a really awesome group of people to hang out with in San Seb, every morning we would walk up to the top of the Urgull (the hill on which a 12m statue of Jesus Christ stands), then have breakfast and do some shopping, and then head to La Concha beach and just relax! About 100m from the shore are a few floating pontoons with slippery slides and diving boards attached and we had a great afternoon on one of them taking photos with my underwater camera! 

Jumping of the Pontoon

I really enjoyed my time with Busabout (if you can't tell) and would  highly recommend travelling with them! I hope to get back to Europe in a few years and travel throughout more of Eastern Europe and maybe even sneak in a Busabout trek or sailing adventure!

If you have any questions regarding my time with Busabout, please just leave a comment and ill get back to you!

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Mel x

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