Thinking of Travelling to Europe or Asia next year?


So I have some pretty exciting news I've been keeping quiet for quite a bit! As you all may know my blog is relatively new, (and hopefully I can get my shit together and post more frequently!) but after my 4-Part series about my time with Busabout last year, I was approached by Busabout to be featured in their NEW 2015-2016 Brochure! 

Want to go to Rome?

Being so new to blogging, I was astounded that they wanted to use MY blog! So for the last 3 months I have been dealing with the lovely David from Busabout and going back and forth about which parts of my posts they were going to use! Originally it was to be a 1 page, 300 word feature, but they came back with a 2 page, 600 word feature article about my posts!

I was so excited for all this to happen! And still am! 

So here it is my awesome 2 (A4) page spread in the 2015/2016 Brochure! 

You can get your hands on the brochure by dropping into your nearest travel agent or online here!

So back to the title of my post...

Are you thinking of travelling to Europe or Asia next year?

Busabout currently have upto 20% off their Europe & Asian trips! 

All you have to do is use the code: EB1

(valid until 19/12/2014)

Click on the picture to take you to the Busabout website

Hopefully this helps you get to Europe next year!

If you haven't checked out my Busabout posts you can find them:

As always between posts you can find me:

Instagram: @loadsoflifestyle

Twitter: @loadsoflifestyl

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  1. That is so amazing… well done you!!!! And welcome to the world of blogging :)


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