Obsession 2015 - Brisbane's First Beauty Blogger Event!!


Last weekend, I had the pleasure to be invited to Obsession 2015, a Beauty Blogger event for us Brisbane/Queensland based beauties.

Dani & Kate - Our wonderful hosts!

The event was held by two stunning bloggers by the names of Dani from Kaboom Cosmetics & Kate from The Minted Beauty. They did an absolutely wonderful job of organising & hosting the event. We all had so much fun, and it was lovely to finally meet some of the ladies whom I have admired and semi-stalked followed since before I started blogging. 

*let me just start off by saying I am in no way bragging about the amazing gifts we received, this was a great networking opportunity and I am VERY grateful to have been invited*

First up we had a product info session with Benefit Cosmetics!! What an amazing opportunity this was! Benefit told us about a new product that is launching next month, called 'Roller Lash', and we were so lucky to be the first in Australia to receive a full sized 'Roller Lash' mascara for us to take home! We also received a full size 'It's Potent' eye cream as well!

Our beautiful Benefit Dollies

Our beautiful Benefit Dollies

Our Benefit Gift Bags! And my bright green Marc Jacobs bag!

We then had superstar blogger and youtuber Jordy Cannon have a chat to us about blogging, she is a superwoman this lady! She has TWO blogs, blogs full-time (a post everyday), makes videos for youtube, and goes to uni. I can barely get 1 post a week up let alone daily! I take my hat off to you Jordy!! 

Jordy Cannon

We were then split up into groups to go around to different 'stations' that had been set up by different brands. The brands included; Dunkle Authentic, Rouche Boutique, Lush Cosmetics, Elemis, Casual Curl, Boe Beauty/Professional, Enbacci and John Plunkett.

In my group I had:

Amanda from Amanda Gregory Beauty

Tasha from Shiwashiful
Coralee from Corsha's Corner

Testing some of the Enbacci products 

Boe Beauty/Professional

Dunkle Authentic


Rouche Boutique

LUSH Cosmetics

Getting Mini Pamper Session with LUSH

We then had a product making demonstration with LUSH Cosmetics! We made a Fresh Face Mask, one of the Chocolate Cupcake variety! Unfortunately no trade secrets were divulged, everything was all pre-measured for us! 

Getting our hands dirty!

Mixing up the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

At the end of the day, we were all given the most amazing and very generous gift bags to take home! I just want to thank all the companies who provided samples to our gift bags, prizes that were won through out the day, and of course the companies who came all the way to sunny Queensland to help make OBSESSION 2015 the best afternoon EVER


 *All pictures taken by Bobby Rein Photography*

Mel x

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  1. Great round up post lovely! I wish we could have had more of a chat on the day :( So glad you were able to come along and looking forward to seeing some of your reviews!

    Kate | themintedbeauty.com

  2. It was an awesome day! It was a shame that we couldn't talk more! Are you coming down to Bris for the Pro MakeUp & Beauty Expo?! There are a heap of us going!
    Mel x


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