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By the time you read this post, my holiday to Japan will have come and gone, I am currently sitting on a Shinkansen travelling from Toyama to Minakami so we can have a little R & R at an Onsen Ryokan (natural hot spring traditional hotel) before we head back to Tokyo and then head home :(

Now I have been trialling a few products from Mieux Derma Skincare for about 6 weeks now, and I actually bought one of them to Japan with me I love it that much!

"Mieux Derma is better skin.. They started back in 2012, Mieux Derma was founded in urban Australia; driven by a want to better people’s lives through innovative natural skincare products. When you interact with the Mieux Derma brand they want it to be meaningful; to leave a lasting impression.

Skincare is our passion and medium of communication. We pride ourselves on our natural ingredients, not because we’re following an organic trend but, because we care. We wouldn’t ask someone we love to put harsh chemicals on their body, and we suspect you wouldn’t either. Our products are our foundations; built with a French sophistication, an Australian edge, and infused with Chinese medicinal properties. Each one is carefully crafted out of love."

"Mieux Derma isn’t your traditional skincare company. We weren’t founded out of a love for the beauty industry. Far from it; there’s a lot we would like to change. The Mieux Derma brand exists today because of the interaction between two human beings - love."

The 3 products I was kindly sent for consideration from Mieux Derma, are:

  • Morning Frost  - Body Cleanser
  • Grain & Grit - Gentle Cleansing Exfoliant
  • Petite - Face Mask 

Morning Frost is an almost gel like consistency and contains coffee to make it a body scrub also. It is gentle enough to use everyday. Mieux Derma use ingredients based on ancient Chinese medicines in this concoction, to help invigorate and wake up the senses every morning!! 

Grit & Grain is a minty (in colour and scent) creamy cleanser, with (as the name says) grit and grain, in this case - crushed limestone. It gives your skin a nice polish, and is suitable to use every 2-3 nights if you have normal/combination skin or once a week for dry/sensitive skin.

The Petite face mask is a winner! I took this to Japan with me, to help draw out all the toxins from hanging out in the cities! The kaolin clay base mixed with the witch hazel extract help to draw out all those toxins and built up gunk. The aloe vera and seaweed then help to sooth and heal. I love using this once a week to keep  my skin in top shape!

Oh and another thing.. Can I just mention the packaging on the products? It is so luxe! So simplistic, and chic! Every item also came in its own navy drawstring bag with a gold logo on it! My boyfriend even commented on how he likes the packaging too!

Thank you for reading and all your support! I love you guys!!

Mel x

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before - I love the packaging, so cute! The mask sounds amazing :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I love the packaging so much!!! I've never heard of this brand either but I definitely want to try some of their stuff now!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats


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