The Magic of Customer Service - MAC Magic of the Night Collection & Customer Service Story


This years hugely anticipated MAC holiday collection did not disappoint. We had seen snippets of it all over social media for months; the beautiful jewel toned packaging, a new Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighter that looked suspiciously a lot like Whisper of Guilt - one of MAC most famous Extra Dimension Skinfinishes which is currently selling on eBay for around $235!! - I had been watching all the swatches appear on social media and was getting more excited by the day! And as highlighters have been my thing lately (read about my collection HERE) I just knew I had to get it.

So naturally I had to get my hands on a select few things from the collection.

I planned on picking up 2 things from the collection:

  • Extra Dimension Skinfinish - Oh, Darling (LE)
  • Lipstick - All Fired Up (P)
L-R: Evening Rendezvous, All Fired Up, Oh, Darling
Low and behold the day before the online launch, a slight glitch happened on the MAC website, making the Magic of the Night collection available (but only on a mobile device) so I quickly snapped up my goodies before it was taken down again! 

But when my order arrived, my lipstick was all smooshed on the side of the tube! Now MAC lipsticks aren't cheap at the best of times, but when they slap on another $4 for the LE packaging.. I want my lipstick to be perfect! So I called up the MAC/Estee Lauder customer service, and they were great and sent out a new one, free of charge and told me to keep the faulty one too. 

However when the new one arrived in the exact same condition, I thought that there must be a bad batch. Both of my 'All Fired Up' lipsticks had come from the same batch (look on the bottom of your lipstick and it will have a code like A75 or A65, that's the batch number) So I called customer service again, and told them they must have a faulty batch, they asked for pictures of both my lipsticks which I happily supplied, they asked if I wanted another from a different batch, but I already had 2 now, could I possibly get another shade? They were more than obliging and sent out the only LE lipstick shade from the collection called 'Evening Rendezvous'.

So in the end I ended up with 4 things from the collection:

  • Extra Dimension Skinfinish - Oh, Darling (LE) 
  • Lipstick - All Fired Up (P) x 2 
  • Lipstick - Evening Rendezvous (LE)
Source - The Entire Magic of the Night Collection

I am so happy with MAC's customer service and how they dealt with this issue, and of course I am happy to keep shopping with MAC Australia, I just wish they would drop their prices a little to be in comparison with the prices of MAC US.

Did you pick anything up from the Magic of the Night Collection? What do you think of the packaging compared to last years glitter packaging?

Mel x

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LE - Limited Edition
P - Permanent - from the permanent collection

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  1. I love good customer service! That's so awesome that they even let you change the shade, and hopefully the other lipsticks are still useable! So many gorgeous MAC goodies. I swear I am going on a spending ban in January. Can't wait to see what post we come up with about saving hehe xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. Yes! I can't wait.. I've been brainstorming!! I love good customer service, it makes me want to keep buying from them!! Oh yes the lipsticks are still usable!! xx

  2. Yay for great customer service! Must have been a real hassle at the time but yay for free lipstick! :) xx

    1. It was a little frustrating but they handled it so well! Annd yay for free lipstick.. It's such a beautiful shade too!!


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