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Have you ever wanted to purchase something from the USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia or some where else in the world, but they don't offer international shipping (or it costs 3 times as much as the product is worth!) Or you fell in love with something whilst on holidays and there in no online retailer?

Cue.. Shop and Box 

Shop and Box is a website where you can create your 'wishlist' of chosen goodies. One you have compiled your wishlist, you submit it and Shop and Box assign a 'local shopper' to your wishlist. You pay for 'invoice 1' and then your shopper then either goes out shopping or orders your items online. Once all of your items have been received buy the shopper, they then can condense them down and take them out of any bulky or unnecessary packaging, then they will weigh the products and issue 'invoice 2' which covers your international express shipping and a shop and box transaction fee (which is dependent on how much you spend).

Source: Shop and Box

Your items are then shipped you to - and you get a tracking number so you can check it every hour hoping it gets a little closer to you!! 

This was my first time using Shop and Box (I have since used it again!) and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, my boxer Jessica, packaged everything beautifully, nothing arrived broken or smashed (my Tartelette In Bloom palette in my second haul did unfortunately - but only 1 shadow!) and she even included a heap of samples too!! 

My invoice from my first haul

Items purchased:


BECCA - Radiant Glow Collection

Urban Decay - Travel Sized All Nighter Setting Spray (not pictured)

IT Cosmetics - Your Skin But Better CC Cream - Medium


BITE Beauty - Best Bite Rewind

Tarte - Bling It On - Amazonian Clay Blush Palette


Liquid Lipstick - Sugar Plum  

Have you used shop and box before? I really enjoyed using this service, however at the moment our Aussie dollar just doesn't cut it when buying from the US at the moment and sometimes its just as cheap to buy it from a seller here in Australia. 

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Mel x

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  1. Oh! Awesome haul! I am waiting on a ComGateway order with a few things in it mostly from Bath and Body works and I think that may be the end of my USA shopping for a while. I'd love to know your thoughts on the Becca set. I'd actually love you to do a best of Becca post because I only own like 2 Becca products and I don't know which I should add to my collection next!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. Oh yes! A best of BECCA post would be awesome! I do have quite a few things from them! I am dying to try that new foundation everyone got sent!! Do i need another foundation.. Probably not, but its pretty.. Spending ban.. out the window! Help keep me strong!!

      Thanks for reading lovely! xx


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