Confessions of a Tea Addict #1



My name is Melissa, and I am a tea addict. I cannot walk into T2 without purchasing at least 1 box of tea. I have 4 different teas at work because; variety! I have multiple tea pots, cups, strainers, canisters and iced tea jugs.

some of my tea pots L-R: glass pot (gift), Japanese designed pot, T2 (Tokyo Collection)

I. Am. Addicted. 

But how often I actually drink tea? At work, most days. At home, not so much. I really need to work on this, I have pretty much a whole cupboard of pretty smelling tea, either stored in beautiful canisters or unopened. 

Today I am going through my collection of tea with you. I will show you my favourites that I will continue to re-purchase, and in the coming posts, I will show you how I make iced tea, amazing combinations of tea and hopefully that this series inspires me to drink a pot every night before bed and start using it all up!!

Now most of my tea comes from T2, but I do have a few random ones that I have purchased elsewhere, like Japan - because, Japan! I was in the homeland of green tea, how could I not??

My favourite tea is Green, but hey I'm not fussy, if all else fails give me a cup of good old Lipton Yellow Label.

In my collection currently is:

  • Sencha Quince - The fresh herbaceous qualities of sencha play with pretty cornflower blossoms and the sweet assertiveness of quince.
  • Sencha Peach - Sweet herbaceous sencha blended with the warm summer flavours of peachy perfection. The wafting fruit flavour doesn't overwhelm but leaves a long, subtly sweet fruity finish.
  • Sencha Vanilla - This grassy sencha blend with a hint of vanilla is a balanced sweet sensation.
  • Buddha's Tears - Made from a series of unopened tender white pekoe buds and young leaves hand-rolled into a sphere. Each tear gracefully unfurls and dances in the water, gradually releasing a sublime and refined flavour. A delicate and beautifully light infusion, flavour builds upon each sip, filling the mouth with an ethereal jasmine aroma.
  • Twinkleberry - Raspberry, apple, hibiscus and flowers are blushing in this brew. A berry tisane that tastes like a fresh punnet from the market.
  • Turkish Apple - Very sweet and chock full of crisp, crunchy apple flavour, conventionally served hot but fantastic iced in summer.
  • Fruitilicious - With a tantalising mix of cranberries, blueberries, dragon fruit and goji berries, your taste buds will be deliriously screaming for mercy!
  • Sencha Mango - A bright and sunny brew, this is one of the fruitier greens in our range. Juicy mango sweetness is definitely present, but doesn't overwhelm the senses.

my canisters T - LE from T2 & plain black canister from T2 with label from box stuck on
B - beautiful paper canisters from Japan

  • Southern Sunrise - White Hibiscus, Lemongrass and Grapefruit bring this fruity brew to life.
  • Cocoa Loco - Made from 100% pure cocoa bean husks, the flavour is unmistakably chocolate, but with a hint of elegant subtlety.
  • Citrus Punch - A sweet and zesty citrus flavoured blend. Great aroma and satisfying fruity flavour.
  • Bright Eyes (LE) - Earthy Oolong is the base to sweet liquorice root and for a twist.. a dash of beetroot!
  • T2 Blossom - Fine hand-woven ornamental tea from Yunnan opens to reveal a "glorious burst".
  • Chilli Berry Boom! (LE) - Be your own hero with the action-packed brew. Its strawberry-sweet guise will turn on the charm before exploding with a fiery kick.
  • WOW (LE) - A beautiful mix of Sencha Mango and Fruitilicious. 
  • Spring - With heady aromas of newly ripened lemon trees caressed by the sun, this cuppa is bright, sweet and alluring
  • Genmaicha (from Kyoto) - A green tea that is combined with roasted brown rice, which gives it a beautiful nutty flavour when brewed.

*descriptions taken from T2 website.

some of my beautiful tea ware L-R Maxwell & Williams, T2 (Tokyo Collection), Collection from Japan

What are your favourite tea? Do you have a favourite flavour or brand? What should I pick up next? Let me know in the comment section below!!

 Mel x

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  1. Yummmm! I lobve the Mango Tea and Strawberries and Cream from T2! <3

    1. Oh I always smell Strawberries and Cream and love it in their Iced-Tea's! I might pick that up next summer!!
      Mel x

  2. I absolutely love the English Breakfast and Vanilla Black Tea leaves from the Tea Centre! They taste amazing.


    1. MMmmm Vanilla Black tea sounds lovely! I nice wintering one! I have a Tea Centre closer to me than a T2, I must check it out next time I go to Toowoomba!!
      Thanks for reading lovely! xx

  3. Wow, you have an amazing collection! You should bring some tea for us to try when you stay over in a few weeks!!! I used to have a bunch of T2 Sachets but don't have many left now.

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats


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