Dare.. Don't Care!


So guys..

I dyed my hair purple..

My hairdresser is probably going to kill me, when I want it to go back to the blonde balayage/ombre at my next appointment in April.. Oh well thats still a couple of months away!

When I was contacted about this post - at first I was like.. Who me? Purple hair.. haha no thank you... But then I thought about it.. Who cares? Its only hair.. You can dye it back or chop it off.. It grows back..

So I was sent 2 beautiful colours from the DARE hair colour range:

  • No.1 "Forget Me Not" - Pastel Purple
  • No.4 "Forbidden Grape" - Vibrant Purple
Now I don't have blonde hair, I only have slightly lightened ends from a combination of drop foiling and balayage and I knew the colour wouldn't hold on my (now) natural coloured roots. So I stuck to putting the colour onto my ends. I teased up the ends of my hair to try to create a more natural colour progression rather than just a straight up colour block. It worked.. Kinda. haha I am no hairdresser guys - its just what I have picked up from my awesome hairdresser over the years. 

So for this colour combination I used 60% No.1 Forget Me Not and 40% No.4 Forbidden Grape, if you want a more vibrant colour just use the straight up No.4

I also did two applications because it looked a little less vibrant than what I was after.

So have a look at the pictures below as to how it turned out!
*Also just an FYI - This colour was done roughly 10 weeks ago and the blondish ends have lightened up a lot since this picture.
Before - Profile HD Instagram

As you can see, its purple - but not in your face purple! It looks great in the sunlight and I am really enjoying this look. I have gotten a few compliments from friends and co-workers too which is great. I am a little worried as to what colour this is going to fade out too, as on the website it says it fades to a minty green.. So I'm not sure how I feel about that... Oh well, I will soon find out!

Also, like this Make-Up look? Its coming up soon in my VERY FIRST make up tutorial/look post. Have you ever dyed your hair a bright colour before? Did you love it? Did you regret it? 

Mel x

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  1. Crazy colours are all the rage and I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw the purple 'Dare' tubes. It definitely turned out nicely! A gentle hint on top of your natural hair colour... please update if it does turn green! haha
    ~Weng wengiful

  2. The purple looks STUNNING on you Melissa!!! It suits you so well. Amazing post!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  3. I love the purple on you! I think you should keep it! :D And you know me, I love bright hair colours! My only regret was blue... because it was a right b***h to get out haha. Never again!

    Kate | themintedblog.com


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