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So back at the start of February you may remember this post about how I dyed my the ends of my hair purple with Dare.. Don't Care - purple hair dye! On the back of the bottle it warned of the beautiful purple colour fading to a lovely mint green colour..

Well it certainly did! At first it faded to a violet/pastel purple before quickly changing to a bluish colour and then eventually to that minty green shade.. At first I didn't mind it.. But when it came to try and revert back to my original balayaged ends.. It proved to be a little more difficult than I imagined...
with my minty green ends
My amazing hairdresser (and sister-in-law) Vanessa from Profile Hair Design (Toowoomba's BEST hairdresser) used the balayage technique to try and lift the green from my ends and it worked to an extent.. However once she gave it a nice toner it came up (not to my original dark blonde ends) but to a nice light brown/caramel colour which I loved! She did mention that the toner would fade out with washing and the green will probably shine through.. So she sent me off with a treatment from Fabuloso called the Caramel Colour Intensifying Conditioner and said to use it as a treatment on my ends for atleast 20mins before I wash my hair once a week to keep the green at bay!

fresh from the salon
The Fabuloso treatment is great! I actually have the Platinum Blonde one too for before I dyed my hair purple!! It leaves your hair so soft and silky and I highly recommend you check them out!!

I am off to the hairdressers again this weekend to see if I can completely rid my hair of the green!! Wish me luck!!

I also just want to apologise for the lack of posts lately! Life has been mega busy - being on community committees and a promotion at work!! I plan on blogging my little heart out this week (whilst in Brisbane for work) and take a whole heap of pictures on Sunday (the official blogging day)and start having some scheduled posts up my sleeves!!

Have you ever regretted dying your hair a certain colour only for it to become a major hassle?? I don't regret dying it purple - it was fun while it lasted but the removal process has been a bitch. ha

Mel x

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  1. Lovvve it! It looks amazing! Haven't ever dyed my hair but i'd love to do something fun with it. Holly x | http://www.thechroniclesofholly.com/

  2. I love my dark brown/plum base but I am starting to regret getting bright burgundy ends because they have completely faded to a strange colour now so when I'm at the hairdresser later this month I am hoping to achieve something similar to you and get a dark caramel colour in my ends, as she already had to lighten them to put the reddish shade in the ends. Wish me luck! I love your current hair!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats


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