Winter Warmers: My Key Products to Survive this Winter!


Winter has FINALLY come to sunny old Queensland (Australia) and I am just not coping. I am one of those silly people who believe its not summer unless its 40 degrees (104F). So winter to me is terrible, I honestly don't know how people in the southern states deal with it, and for those of you who live in countries where it snows all winter, I take my hat off to you. 

With the colder weather, I have been struggling to get up early enough to put make-up on each morning, and pretty much haven't worn make-up since the start of winter. My beauty room is terribly cold (although it gets the best light in the house) it just doesn't heat up until about lunch time. 

One thing I do once winter starts setting upon us, is up my skin and body care to deal with the constant change of temperature it endures. From overly heated offices to chilly and windy outdoors changing between both can reek havoc on your skin. 

Here are my tips for keeping your skin in top shape all winter long!
  • Switch up your cleanser. I am a firm believer in double cleansing and I switch my cleansers each season accordingly. Using a cleansing oil or balm to remove your make-up and the build up of environmental residues, and then a cream/milky based cleanser to add extra moisture instead of using a gel cleanser that might be a little too harsh in winter. I love the Banila Co Clean It Zero cleansing balm and the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil.
  • Facial Mists are your best friend! If you are feeling a little bit dry during the day, a quick spritz with a facial mist can make a world of difference. Not to mention they smell fabulous and give you a little bit of a pep up and allow you to refocus on the task at hand. A recent addition to my spritz clan is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater - smells so good! And so well priced at $10 per bottle!!
  • Add a sheet mask or two to your weekly routine. It no secret about my love for sheet masks, they are the perfect addition to ANY skincare routine. There a so many on the market these days from high to low end price brackets. They are formulated to suit a range on skin types and concerns from hydration to firming and brightening. I add a moisturising one to my routine once every 2 weeks for a extra boost of hydration. 
  • Facial Oils are friends not foes. Even if you have oily or combination skin. Oil doesn't attract more oil, it keeps it at bay.. Excess oil is produced when the skin is stripped of its natural oils by harsh cleansers and toners. I use a facial oil in my routine every second night for extra moisturising property. I wake up with nice plump hydrated skin. I currently switch between the Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil and Goodness Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil*.
  1. Use a moisturising Shower Gel. I am one for scorching hot showers/baths, I know that its bad for your skin, but I seriously cannot help it. One way to counteract the drying out of your body due to scorching hot water, is to use a moisturising shower gel instead of a bar of soap that can dry your skin out even more. When I'm feeling spendy I will pick up one from LUSH because they are bomb AF (currently using the Comforter Shower Cream). But for general day to day use I cannot go past the Original Source Vanilla Raspberry one. It smells so good. I would eat it if I could. 
  2. Cover yourself in a Hydrating Moisturiser. Within 3 minutes of stepping out of the shower I lather a serious amount of body moisturiser all over my skin, as all of your pores a still open from the heat of the shower. Which allows the moisturiser to be absorbed more efficently. I have been loving the Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturiser*
  3. Beauty Balms are magical. Now I'm not talking about your BB creams, these beauty balms are more of an ointment. You can use them on anything from your lips, to your cuticles, insect bites and on your nose when its all dry and sore from blowing it too much. I was recently sent Boho Balm*, a 100% natural and organic balm, made from olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax and honey. It smells delicious with the combination of honey and coconut and I take it everywhere with me. I have been mainly using it on my cuticles and lips as they get so dry 
  4. Give your nails some lovin' too! We put out nails through hell, they get used for everything, coated in acrylic and gel formulas, nail polish, acetone.. Sometimes they just need a break and especially in winter. I like using a strengthening type treatment that you apply 1 coat over several days and then remove and do again. The Revitanail Nail Strengthener Sensitive Pink* treatment is a new favourite of mine.

I hope you enjoy my winter warmers post, and hopefully I will be back to a regular posting schedule!

Mel x 

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  1. Winter definitely took a while to set in, but the last two or so weeks have been freezing - not to mention the rain! I really need to try the Banila Co Cleansing balm once I finish my many cleansers haha :P Love the Mario Badescu spray - such a good buy! Oh, and I used one of the sheet masks you gave me tonight! So lovely :))

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Aww yay! I loooove sheet masks! hehe this week has been absolutely freezing here! I have had to up my hydration game! Thanks for reading xx

  2. Great post Mel! Sorry it's taken me a little while to read it! Great great tips! My skin has gotten so dry from this colder weather!!! I really want to try this Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleanser now! Thanks for your recommendation! x

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. Thats ok lovely.. I am in a bit of a blogging funk right now, so I'm taking a few weeks off and re-freshing!! xx


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