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One of my friends here at home had been asking if I was buying anything from Mecca soon to let her know because she needed a new concealer, and I had been telling her, "No, I don't plan on buying anything, I don't need anything.. I have enough to last me a lifetime!" and then about 3 days later MECCA announced that their Beauty Loop boxes would be available the next day.. Well that changed my mind quickly didn't it? hehe

Every quarter MECCA send out (with your online orders) cute little boxes filled with samples (sachets or deluxe sized depending on your level) for you to try out, so you can test out new products, find new favs or have cute little travel sized products of your fav products! 

So without further rambling.. Here is what I received in my July Level 3 Beauty Loop box!
All of these products were of the deluxe sample size and are perfect for trailing a new product or travelling with. The product that I was most excited for was the NARS Liquid Laguna Bronzer! I have been into super simple natural daytime/work make-up and I have basically only been using cream products and I have been trying to decide on a liquid/cream bronzer to try.  

Did you get a MECCA beauty loop box this quarter? What did you get in yours?! 

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  1. I'm so jelly of this box! I really want to try the liquid laguna! I'm only level 2 and my box was alright. I got two sachets though which I wasn't super happy about :P

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I got a level 3 box as well but I ended up giving mine to my makeup teacher when I finished my course as a thank you as she is a huge Mecca fan but didn't spend enough for a box this year. She loved it! That was commitment but I figured I had enough that I didn't need to keep it.

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats


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