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I was tagged by the lovely Jacquelyn from HeyThereJacquelyn to participate in a 20 Random Facts About Me post that was recently started by the beautiful Bec from Beauty with Bec. I love doing tag posts, I think they are fun and a little bit different from my usual posts!

  1. I've been married and divorced in the last 5 years but have been with my current boyfriend for 4 years. 
  2. The grass was DEFINITELY greener on the other side.
  3. I turn 28 next month and I am a little scared about it.
  4. I love everything about the Japanese culture! The food, the places, the people!

  5. I love cooking and baking! And I have been cooking at least 1 Japanese meal a week! 
  6. I coach Gymnastics to school aged kids twice a week, 4 terms a year!
  7. When selecting a restaurant to dine out at, I choose them according to how amazing their dessert menu is!
  8. I love going out for breakfast, but rarely eat breakfast during the week.
  9. I recently discovered Bullet Journaling and I am a little obsessed.
  10. I never do things in half measures. I will go all out. Take for example my recent bullet journal purchases.. I had to go out and buy the proper dot grid note book and fountain pens, water colour markers and archival quality pens. Over $100 spent and who knows if I will keep it up! 
  11. I have 2 Australian Kelpies who are mother & son. Their names are Zomby (mother) & Ghost (son).

  12. I also have a cat called Nibbler and he is a Siamese x Feral Bush Cat. He is a complete jerk and a total sweetheart at the same time! 
  13. My boyfriend is a DJ and has a massive Vinyl Record collection (it's bigger than my make-up collection).
  14. He also hogs all the free GBs on both of our computers with a combined total of around 600GB of music across both.
  15. My new Netflix obsession is Outlander.. It has a sexy Scottish main character who is rugged and manly.. yum!
  16. I am notorious for always being late. Even if I get ready much earlier than planned, I will always end up late.
  17. I am the eldest of 3 children even though sometimes I act like the youngest.
  18. I am actually struggling with things to come up with.
  19. The highlights of my day are when I get snapchats from James' sister-in-law of our niece! She is just the cutest!
  20. I am super excited for our Japan trip in December! It will be my third trip to Japan! And I could happily visit every year for the rest of my life! 
I hope this post gave you a little more information about my life outside of the blogging world! If you would like to know more, let me know (or ask) in the comments below and I will come up with another post! I tag Kate from The Minted Blog to do this post next!!

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  1. Loved this Mel! It's so true about the half measures thing! You always go for the best and biggest hehe. Love you!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats


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