Empties #3


Wow. I am not good at keeping these empties posts to my designated timelines (1 per season) as this one cover 2 seasons - Autumn and Winter. Anyway, I have been collecting all of my empties over the last 6 months, so grab a cuppa and a treat (go on you deserve it!) and join me on my empties adventure. 


Elucent Whitening Exfoliation Cleanser* - $29.99
This was the only product out of the Elucent whitening range that I actually liked. It was a good exfoliating creamy cleanser that left your skin feeling nice and refreshed. The whole range unfortunately has a weird smell to it, that I can't put my finger on exactly what is smell like. 
Repurchase: No

Shu Uemura POREfinist Anti-Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil - $48.00
I picked this up in Japan last year, on a "why not I'm in Japan, buy all the Japanese things" and not realising how much this actually is! Eeep!! Oh well, it was a beautiful cleansing oil that removed make-up effortlessly and didn't leave an oily residue. 
Repurchase: Yes (when I go back to Japan in dec)

Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel - $28.00 (USD)
I got this cleanser free when I purchased my Clarisonic a couple of years ago, Boscia isn't actually available to purchase in Australia. Which is a shame, because I have heard some amazing things about other products of theirs. But you can purchase from their website, however I believe shipping would be $$$$. This was a really nice cleanser and I do wish that Boscia would come to Australia soon!! 
Repurchase: If available, Yes!!

Perfect Whip Foam - $10.00 (roughly)
Another Japanese cleanser, Perfect Whip is made by Sheseido, so you know its going to be good. This creamy cleanser emulsifies into a super thick and luxe foam when mixed with water. This is a favourite of mine and my boyfriends. 
Repurchase: Yes, already have!

Toners & Make-Up Removers

Simple Conditioning Eye Make-Up Remover - $3.99
I picked this up, on a mad dash to Coles when I forgot to pack eye make-up remover with me on holidays. It did the job nicely without stinging my eyes and removed my mascara and liner without any hassles.
Repurchase: If I was in a similar situation as before, yes. 

Bioderma Sebum H2O Micellar Water - $20.99
Hooly dooly, I did not realise how expenny this little (100ml) bottle was! I got this in my Beautylish Lucky bag at the start of this year. I have bought the full sized ones before but mainly during priceline's 40% off sales. I cannot be without this. It is my go-to make-up remover! I am going to refill this bottle to take travelling with me! 
Repurchase: Yes! Already have!!

Alpha H Liquid Gold - $59.95
I originally won this at a blogger event last year, I use this every second night as a treatment (with nothing else on top) I absolutely love it (you can read about my love for it here)
Repurchase: Yes! I have backups! 

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 - $29.00
I got this in a Clinique travel set for when I went to Europe 3 years ago. I was a avid Clinique 3-step user back when I was first getting into skincare and it is a great platform to start on. Unfortunately this one contains alcohol and can be quite drying. 
Repurchase: No

LUSH Tea Tree Water - $10.50
This is my second bottle of this, it is such a refreshing spray toner. It also helps keep the skin clear as tea-tree is an antibacterial and anti-fungal which can help to keep away those pesky spots. 
Repurchase: Yes

Enbacci Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essence - $69.00
I got this cute little sample from a blogger event last year, it was so handy to pop in my hang bag to refresh my face during the day. 
Repurchase: No, I have other sprays that do the same job for cheaper.

Lotions & Serums

Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Serum - $79.00
This is a tiny little sample from my local cosmetologist Bette. I really liked how hydrating this serum was. Its not greasy or heavy and sinks in quickly. It also lasts a fair while for its tiny size. 
Repurchase: Yes

Elucent Whitening Spot Corrector* - $49.99
I haven't actually used this, nor will I, because I cannot stand the smell of this product and the rest of the range. So in the bin it goes. 
Repurchase: Nope

ASAP Super B complex* - $65.06
I also really liked this vitamin B serum, its quite similar to the Medik8 one but maybe a little more slimy? I have post a review about it here.
Repurchase: Maybe. I think I would purchase the Medik8 one over this. 

Elucent Whitening Day Moisturiser* - $49.99
I actually used this one for a little while and it is a good everyday moisturiser with the added bonus of SPF 30. However, same issue of the smell of the product.
Repurchase: No

Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex* - $61.16
It has actually been quite a while since I ran out of this, annnd if I can't remember anything too remarkable about it. However it did have a nice gel texture which was nice and soothing, especially after a long day staring at the computer!
Repurchase: No

Etude House Moistful Collagen Emulsion - $15.00 (USD)
A super tiny sample size I grabbed the last time I stocked up on sheets masks online. I actually have about 4 of them. It is a really nice light weight moisturiser. However the sample isn't large enough to determine if it helped my skin.
Repurchase: Possibly 

Clarisonic Luxe Cashmere Brush Head - $38.00
A super dooper soft and luxe clarisonic brush head. Effective? Yes but not as effective as the Sensitive or Delicate heads. This would be a perfect every morning brush head and then use a more stiffer brush on alternate nights.
Repurchase: No


Lonvitalite 24K Gold & Collagen Eye Masks (6-pack) - $32.00
These eye masks are perfect before a big event or to help plump up your under eye area. Plus they are gold and look super flattering on! haha However these are on the little expensive side working out $5.30 per pack. 
Repurchase: No

Elucent Whitening Night Moisturiser* - $49.00
This is a super think emollient cream, and good to put on top of all of your other lotions and potions, however once again, the smell ruins it for me!! 
Repurchase: No

Sheet Masks - Price varying from $2.00 - $6.00 per mask
This is only a VERY small collection of what was actually used in the last 4 months. I probably go through around 2 per week on average. Sheet masks have become a part of my life and I never want to be without them! They are excellent at boosting hydration levels and look super glamorous on! Each mask will have a different target, whether it be hydration, pore minimisation, collagen boosting, brightening.. The list goes on! You just pick up whatever tickles your fancy that day or depending on how your skin has been feeling that day/week!
Repurchase: FOREVER!! 

Body Care

LUSH Bath Bombs - prices vary from $5.00 - 9.00 each
Just like the Sheet Masks above, this is only a small selection what I have used in the last 6 months. My favourites at the moment would have to be 2 of their newest releases, The Experimenter & Intergalactic. 
Repurchase: Always!

Daiso Cotton Puffs - $2.80 (for 2 boxes)
Oh Em Gee! These have been more of a recent discovery, and boy am I glad I made it! These cotton puffs are the BOMB! They don't fall apart and leave little cotton fibres all over your face, like so many others do. They come in a massive box (x2) and so so so cheap! Every time I visit the city I call in and pick up a few more boxes! 
Repurchase: Uh Huh!! 

LUSH Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - $32.95
If you haven't tried/smelt this. Do yourself a favour and head to your nearest LUSH store and get it! It leaves your skin feeling so soft and moisturised. You slather it on in the shower, and leave it for a little bit, then rinse off (sometimes I don't even do that!). It is definitely worth the price! Just get it!!
Repurchase: Yes!

Mieux Derma Morning Frost Body Cleanser & Scrub* - $47.00
This is an all-in-one body cleanser and scrub. It is infused with coffee granules, jojoba oil and st johns wort, to help moisturise and heal the skin. James really took a shining to this one and used up about 80% of it!! You can read my post about Mieux Derma here.
Repurchase: No, it is quite pricey and you could make your own coffee scrub (like I did here)

LUSH Kalamazoo - $18.95
James absolutely loves this beard and facial wash from LUSH. It contains pineapple enzymes to help exfoliate and almond & jojoba oil to help moisturise.
Repurchase: Yes! This is his 3rd tub!

Hair Care

Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo & Conditioner - $37.00 ea
I totally forgot to do a how-to beachy waves post before I finished these, so that means I have to buy them again right?? I absolutely loved these! I am so glad that my sister-in-law stocks these in her salon, so I can easily stock up! (She also gifted me these too!) I by no means need any more volume in my hair, but these do a awesome job at taming my natural waves and making them look more presentable!
Repurchase: Definitely

Evo Fabuloso Caramel Intensifying Conditioner - $39.95
My sister-in-law also stocks these fantastic colour intensifying conditioners/treatments too, and this one is perfect for keeping my balayaged ends that perfect caramel blonde colour! Plus it also smells amazing and leaves your hair feeling super dooper soft too! I use this as a treatment before I wash my hair. I apply it to the ends and tie up my hair and leave it for 30mins, then wash my hair as normal.
Repurchase: Yes

Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Rinse - $38.95
I bet you can guess what I am about to tell you.. She also stocks Kevin Murphy products too! This one was from when I first went lighter on my ends to help to the moisture and shine back into my hair. It contains kakadu plum to help maintain your hairs natural lustre and elasticity. 
Repurchase: Yes

Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash - $37.95
This is a great detox/deep cleansing shampoo! Its great for removing built up products (like dry shampoo, sea salt spray etc) and it even removes the green tinge from blonde hair after a summer of swimming in the pool. It does all of this without stripping the colour from your hair too!
Repurchase: Yes


Urban Decay All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray - $49.00
This stuff is the bomb-diggity! I use this on myself as well as clients and it actually works. Ive had people ask me if I have re-applied my make-up half way through an event, but I just laugh and say nope it just my awesome setting spray!
Repurchase: Already have!!

Rimmel London Kate Idol Eyes Mascara* - $16.95
I really liked the brush on this mascara, however the formula has a few negatives. When removing the mascara, its like it never ends. You think you have gotten it all, and then you get out of the shower and you look like a panda!! So you remove it again, but then you wake up in the morning looking like a panda again!! Not a fan!!
Repurchase: No

Rimmel London Wonder'Full Wake Me Up Mascara* - $18.95
The only thing I like about this mascara is that it smells like cucumber (which is a fav scent of mine). Other than that, its not much to write about. 
Repurchase: No

Kat Von D Ink Liner - $28.00
I got this mini liner in a pack of 3 (black/navy/brown) thinking it was the infamous "Tattoo Liner" however it definitely wasn't when it arrived. I love the brush on this, it is so fine and precise but the formula was a little lacking. It lasted only a couple of hours before it smudged.
Repurchase: No (but I just purchased the Tattoo liner)

Benefit Roller Lash (mini) Mascara - $20.00
HG status. Enough said.
Repurchase: Yes. Forever.

Benefit They're Real (mini) Mascara - $20.00
Secondary HG mascara. Combining both this and Roller Lash is amazeballs. 
Repurchase: Yes

Benefit Gimme Brow - $39.00
This is the old style packaging but still same amazing formula. (Have a look at the pretty new packaging here). This is my go-to everyday brow product! Now & forever!! 
Repurchase: Always!!

Glasshouse Candle - Montenegro Bay - $42.95
Coconut and Lime. You can't go wrong. And Glasshouse make some of the nicest candles/scents too!
Repurchase: Yes

Alrighty folks, thats it! I reeeeallly need to make a habit of doing these a little more often, as this took forever to write!! Sorry about the lack of posts this week. I will be back to a regular posting schedule next week. 

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  1. Loved this Mel - such a great amount of empties!

    Maddie | www.maddiesbeautyspot.com

  2. What a whopper of an empties post! I whole-heartedly agree about the Elucent range...the cleanser is the only thing I use from them, but it has sparkles in it which weirds me out so I always use it as a first cleanse :P I used the day and night cream for a while (really disliked the night cream), but I swear they were breaking out my skin, like really badly. As soon as I stopped using them my skin started improving! Ooh the Perfect Whip cleanser sounds nice, may have to give it a go. And yes yes yes about liquid gold, tea tree water and the daiso cotton pads!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Thanks Tash!! That Elucent range is just weird!! I love love love the daiso cotton pads!! I buy like 4 boxes every time I come to brisbane because I never want to be without them!! haha

  3. Wow that is so many empties! You have made me want to try the Shu Uemura cleansing oil now! It sounds so nice. I also love the Lush Ro's Body Conditioner! It's so nice isn't it! Great post!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. Oh it is so nice... Maybe Santa will pick you up some in Japan... ;)

  4. Well done keeping all these empties! I always lose faith halfway and throw them out so I can't do a post lol. Lots of my faves in here and ones I've tried, but I'm particularly interested in the Perfect Whip cleanser! I need to pick up those Daiso puffs too!

    Kate | themintedblog.com

    1. Hahaha Kate!! I have a wire basket in my beauty room under my desk, its out of the way so I can stack them up high under there and not worry about them being seen!! But in your flat it would be hard!! Pick up the daiso puffs! SO GOOD!

  5. That was an extensive list and interesting to read. I haven't tried a lot of those but have made a note of the ones you liked so I can keep an eye on them.


  6. SO many empties!! I really hope Boscia (not how you spell it but can't be bothered checking haha!) comes to Australia soon too. It sounds like an amazing brand x

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. Oh I hope Sephora Aus get the selling right to Boscia! I have heard so many good things about their other products! Thanks for reading Sarah!!x


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