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Hey Guys, long time, no blog post!! Apologies for the lack of blog posts, but some pretty exciting things have been happening in my personal life.. I will share details soon!!
Anyway, back in July I made a Kylie Cosmetics order to see what all the fuss is about!!

I ordered 2 Lip Kits, 1 Metallic Liquid Lipstick and 1 single Liquid Lipstick. (I believe this was the first release she did off the individual lipsticks and liners). I picked up the Koko-K and Posie-K kits, Candy-K individual and Heir Metallic liquid lipsticks. 

The packaging is sleek with black lips and Kylie's signature drips down the tube. The formula is like a few other liquid-to-matte lipsticks I have tried. It starts off quite liquid-y and dries to a nice comfortable matte finish. It has a VERY sweet vanilla scent, so if you are put off by strong scents, these might not be for you. However it doesn't linger too long! The liners are super creamy and some of the best I have tried! 

In my honest opinion, if you already have an array of liquid lipsticks in similar colours, you could probably give the Kylie Lip Kits a miss, but hey, who I am I to tell you what to do.. If you love the colours and want to give them a try.. Go for it!!

Have you tried the Kylie Lip Kits? What are your favourite brand of liquid lipsticks?? Let me know in the comments below!!

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  1. I love the colours, I just can't justify the price considering how cheap some other alternatives are that I know I already love.. Jackie - Lipstick, Lattes & Louboutins

    1. Yes, you're quite right about that Jackie! I finally caved after about 6 months of wanting them! They are beautiful colours but my collection is already full of very similar other colours!! Thanks for reading! x

  2. ARGH! They are all so beautiful!
    I am proud of myself for holding out this long tbh!

    Jacquelyn | hey there jacquelyn

    1. I am proud of you for holding out! But you had a pretty good excuse not too!! ;) But now that the wedding is over, you might just buy some! hehe

  3. I love the colours and have tried so many times to get my hands on some but have never got any!! I find the whole process of purchasing annoying and inconvenient although I completely understand why they do it that way haha

    Sarah | More Than Adored


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